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Solutions to getting an Alkaline Body

Ionized Water Filter Systems

The Right Food Combinations to stay Alkaline

Great Taste No Pain Cookbook- Free Trial
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Natural Nutrional Products to Stay Alkaline

Alkaline Water For Your Health

Acid Is The Killer- Take your Health back - Become more alkaline
Acid is the number one destroyer of your body.
We become acidic by just living in our environment- the air we breathe, the water we drink, the way we eat,
especially the combination of the foods we eat
Stress is also a huge contributor of acid
You can turn things around by making a choice to become more alkaline- one step at a time.

Tap Water- Bottled Water- No Difference- Solution-IonWays/Best Water
Most people think if they drink 8 oz of water a day, they are being very healthy. No! Most people are dehydrated and acidic.
The water they are drinking is on the acidic side. It can contain many toxic elements like mercury,lead and other undesirables.
Get a free water analysis from your city/town (Ionized water page). You will be amazed by what is in your water.
Most bottled waters are no better than tap water. We should be drinking ionized,alkaline water to help keep us alkaline and disease free.
Examine your options.
Ionways(USA) and Best Water(CAN) can be trusted to produce the best products to answer your needs:
Alkaline Water Ionizer Kit ,many with a high antioxidant effect, Alkaline Hydrogen Portable Water Ionizer Stick and a shower filter attachment to take toxins out of the water and add minerals making your hair and skin much healthier- no dry skin or hair ever again. They continue to make improvements on their products and are dedicated to making the best possible water. The changes in the chemistry of water improves penetration into the cell and mitochondria to clear out the cell toxins and eliminates an damage to the DNA of the cell. An alkaline cell is a healthy cell; healthy cells make for a healthy body.

Wrong Food Combinations create an Acidic Body
Most people give little thought to how or what they eat. How we combined our food was never an option. We didn't know.
We live in a fast food generation. These foods are laden with preservatives, toxic coloring and hydrogenated fats to make them taste good.
If that were not bad enough, we combine groups of food together that are fighting with one another as they are trying to be digested.
Different enzymes are required to digest fats(acid enzymes) than those used to digest carbohydrates (alkaline enzymes).
Remember high school chemistry? They neutralize one another! This combination of food sits in your stomache rotting, forming a toxic sludge.
Your liver keeps sending more acid to break down the protein
. Your energy becomes depleted. You are tired, and have no idea why?
This acidic mess is then passed into the gut and becomes food for your bad bacteria, who love acid.
The bad bacteria proliferate and kill off your good bacteria. You can see why it is so important to turn this around and build up the good bacteria level.
Everyone should have this book which teaches you how to eat by following a few simple rules. Great Taste No Pain may save your life!
This is especially important for those who suffer from Irritable Bowel Sydrome or Crohn's Disease. It also could be a life saver for all the autoimmune diseases- check out Sherry Brescias hilarious explaination of why our immune system has been compromised.


Acidic Blood is Dangerous - The solution- Great Taste No Pain
This toxic slush in your gut is now passed on to the blood, when all it wanted was some nutrition to transported to the cells of your body.
If the blood falls too much below a PH 7.36 it can be life threatening. PH7.00 is neutral. Below PH7, you are acidic. As the acid blood flows through you, it grabs ions from wherever it can-from your bones, your organs, your skin, anywhere to maintain the correct PH7.36 (slightly alkaline) required by the blood. This leads to the beginning and often undiagnosed happenings within you. It is not until you feel really sick that you seek help. Often it is too late. When the time bomb explodes, you may find your body riddled with any one of a number of autoimmune diseases that have been building for years.

Natural Nutritional Supplements - Always Innovative - Prograde
Because of illness, medications or age, we need a little help from time to time. I do not mean medicinal drugs (very acidic), which can cause more harm than good.
I believe the Western World has over medicating it's seniors. What we do need are good prebiotics and probiotics to keep those good bacteria high. 
The soil we grow our food in has lost its nutritional value, so a good digestive enzyme is usefull, especially when you eat  a lot of meat. 
Educational information is also a tool to understanding your body and all of that will be available later, through editorials and artilcles that are of interest
Prograde is never content; always improving upon products as new information becomes available. Prograde also use an outside source to test and evaluate their new products. This assures you, that there has been no tampering with the results. 

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The best choices in water ionizing sytems
Alkaline water filter for your shower
Portable alkaline filters

Great Taste No Pain
An invaluable tool which teaches you to eat foods in the correct combination, freeing up energy 
The very best Probiotics available anywhere- building an alkaline environment and a strong immune system

Digestive enzymes
Coming - Probiotics and Vitamin B12 Spray

ProGrade  Nutritional Products
All natural supplements to keep you alkaline

If you knew you could live a healthy life until 150 without the usual deterioration of muscle and tissue, would you look after your health better?

Alkaline Water Ionizer Kit - Alkaline Hydrogen Portable Water Ionizer Stick