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About Us

Anyone who has been through a divorce will understand how stress can almost destroy the body. I was lucky it didn't kill me. My thyroid shut down and my gallbladder became inflamed creating a massive number of stones. Some of these stones migrated and blocked the entrance of the pancreas. I then developed an inflamed pancreas- pancreatitis. Painful?  That was the start. The bile backed up into the liver and was eating the liver away. My body was now an acidic wasteland. The pancreas could not secrete insulin because of the blockage. The first thing was surgery to remove the stones in the pancrease and then remove the gallbladder once my system was stable. I survived.

I have a background in science and after graduating from University, I worked in Medical research doing tissue typing and Immunology as well working on several autoimmune diseases, with the intention of, someday, finding a cure.(Youth is a wonderful, optomistic time)

There have been so many rapid advances in research as well as the discovery of earth substances that have opened up a new approach to helping those who suffer from various diseases. I now believe, we are well on the way to preventing all those autoimmune disease by maintaining a slightly alkaline environment in our bodies. Are you aware that cancer cannot survive in a PH of 8 or higher? 7 is neutral. anything higher than 7 is Alkaline. Get some litmus paper from a pharmacy and check the PH of your saliva. This is a good indication of where you are in the balance between acid and alkaline states. 

When something bad happens, it opens doors to a new future . It is only then that we seek a solution to the problem.  In my case, it has been a learning experience and  a constant education as I discovered more about the functioning of my body and how to regain my health and maintain a normal and healthy life. It is always about learning. I hope to share some of this with you. Together, we can learn more and live happy, healthy and longer. I am looking forward to the next adventure with you. I hope you will join me on this road as we search for the solutions which matter to you the most - Your Health.

I will send you videos and text as I see them come out. I am in touch with many naturopathic articles as well as science breakthroughs. Each one of these fields we can learn from. Thinking , in the medical world ,is changing as the naturopathic ways are becoming more accepted by the younger generation of doctors. Water Ionizer Promotions Deals, Water Ionizers Well Water

Wishing you the very best of health

Barbara Clements