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Food combinations for an alkaline body

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Click on the link above for Great Taste No Pain and Sherry Brescia

Make me laugh Sherry Brescia!

If you sign up for Sherry's newsletter, she will make you both laugh and cry as you identify with so many life threatening situations. Nobody covers this subject like Sherry!

It is only when things go from bad to worse before most people take any kind of action. Our bodies tend to take care of themselves most of the time. We all expect our bodies to work no matter what we feed it. We get sick  and we get better. We expect this to happen all the time. As we age, we become aware that things can go wrong; very wrong! We have to learn to listen to what our body is telling us. We need to nourish it instead of feeding it "junk food". We need to get back to eating more healthy.
So were do we begin?

Sherry Brescia, the woman you will hear from, in a moment, went through some very painful times as a young woman suffering from Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). She was not aware of how to eat properly until she invited a man over for dinner. This man touched a note in Sherry when he apologized for not wanting to eat the food combination's Sherri was serving for supper. This could have been a disaterous situation for most people dating, but for Sherry it was like a lightbulb flashing and a time to take stalk of how she was combining foods. This man is now her husband. She became passionate about the way she was learning to eat , went back to school to study nutrition. Her passion led her further- to educate others in the correct food combinations and to free people from the horrible pain she had felt. She is now free from her old lifestyle of having to be close to a washroom everytime she went out (16 years free of pain). If your Bowel is inflamed and you have a combined problem of a low factor 8 (substance that stops you from bleeding to death), it can be life threatening. Like anything untreated an irritable bowel situation can spread throughout the body.  She has written a book to help everyone understand how to combine foods. There are many excellent recipes as well. The book- GREAT TASTE NO PAIN teaches you how to eat foods which are easily digested, giving you more energy to do other things in your life. Did you know that 90% of our energy goes towards digesting your meals? Wouldn't it be nice to have more enegy to partake in other things? Try a sample menu plan for a few days. You will have so much more energy and no pain, if that was an issue for you. She also has a Gluten Free Book, for those that have an alergy towards Gluten.

When you are young, you think you can eat anything. That is true in most cases. Our bodies,though, where not designed to eat processed foods, full of toxic chemicals. The water we drank, as children, was not as contaminated and the cleaning supplies we spray about the house simply did not exist. There was less polution in the air. Our Grandparents/great Grandparents were the first to have a car. The air was cleaner. All of these and more have had an effect on our bodies. The liver, our clearing house for all these toxins we take in, is overtaxed and can breakdown or stop working from time to time due to the overload. Our digestive system, with age, stops producing digestive enzymes as more and more acid is taking over the body. Again, Sherry Brescia has stepped up to the plate in starting a company called Blue Rock Holistics. Sherry has put together the very best probiotics there are as well as other supporting products to make digestion easier and supplements to provide you with more energy. Have a look inside her website.

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                    Correct combination of food offers:

                    Alkaline rejuvenation and cleansing
                    Better nutritional absorption from food
                    Feed your blood; nourish your cells
                    Good digestion; less stress on your liver
                             Nourish your cells-more energy-sleep better



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